Liquid Arom - High Creek (FR)

Liquid Arom - High Creek (FR)

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  • Bonnie 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    At LiquidArom, High Creek invites gourmet vapers to a little tasting session. On the table is Bonnie, a pretty 50 ml bottle filled with an exquisite mixture with a bewitching vanilla scent. But what is this delicious preparation made of? From the very first whiff, your mouth will be flooded with the intense sweetness of a melting caramel, the addictive...

  • Clide 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    High Creek has been making gourmet preparations to supply the large community of vapoteurs. Through the Clide e-liquid, the prestigious HighCreek range invites you to enjoy a crispy wafer covered with crushed almonds, beautiful pieces of white chocolate and thin slices of coconut. What a delight! With this e-liquid to enhance your vaping sessions, each...

  • Tahiti 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    Give free rein to your holiday desires with the e-liquid Tahiti by High Creek/LiquidArom. Destination French Polynesia with each vaping session, to experience a unique journey in an enchanting setting! You don't need a passport or visa for this escape: all you have to do is take your 50 ml bottle and find a quiet place. Once you've settled in, fasten...

  • Scarface 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    Vaping session or gourmet buffet? Difficult choice that LiquidArom has skilfully combined with Scarface e-liquid. This succulent new recipe combines fruity flavors and desserts in a single 50ml bottle. When inhaled, this potion will release an exquisite taste with a subtle fragrance. Savoring each puff will be like enjoying delicious vanilla whipped...

  • Escobar 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    Celebrated in the vaposphere for its complex but balanced recipe, Escobar reveals the flavours of a gourmet vanilla blend in its 50 ml vial. This e-liquid from Liquidarom's Franco-Swiss High Creek range is distinguished by its woody notes, its touch of Bourbon whiskey and the many delights that adorn it. In addition to its intense flavours, you'll find...

Liquid Arom - High Creek

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