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  • Sea Star 10ML - Fruizee

    Whether you are lying in the shade of a palm tree or on a garden sofa, dive into an exotic and authentic universe with the Fruizee Sea Star. E-liquid highly appreciated by lovers of fruity flavors, this strawberry lemon apricot combo has the reputation of offering lovers a taste of summer vacation.With a hint of acidity accompanied by a slight musky and...

  • Sea Star 50ML - Fruizee

    Sweet and fruity vape lovers, this is for you! Taking your needs into account, Eliquid France has decided to launch a summer recipe to refresh you in hot weather. In the Fruizee range, the manufacturer has cooked up Sea Star, an icy and sweet e-liquid sold in a generous 50 ml bottle. The little extra of this invigorating drink? Its yellow lemon peel,...

  • Magic Beach 10ML - Fruizee

    Delicious combination of Mango and passion fruit.

  • Magic Beach 50ML - Fruizee

    Are you a fan of fruit-based e-liquids? Try the experience with Fruizee's Magic Beach, a unique duo that takes you to distant exotic lands without leaving your balcony.A real delight, the juicy flesh of the mango will not fail to tickle your taste buds with each of your puffs. Then will come the turn of the passion fruit which will add a special touch...

  • Bloody Dragon 10ML - Fruizee

    The wonderful flavor of Bloody Summer with the sweet scent of Dragon Fruit.

  • Bloody Dragon 50ML - Fruizee

    Want to fly to new horizons? You will surely succumb to the intoxicating scent of Bloody Dragon by Fruizee, an e-liquid acclaimed by all lovers of fruity vapes.This recipe combining the exotic flavor of dragon fruit with the powerful aromatic power of blackcurrant as well as the juicy taste of white grapes has something to satisfy your palate. With this...

  • Sun Bay 10ML - Fruizee

    Enjoy the sun on a paradise island with this watermelon, strawberry, lemon, gourmet and refreshing e liquid with Xtra Fresh.Are you ready to get a taste sunburn ...

  • Sun Bay 50ML - Fruizee

    It's time to relax in the vape world! No more long days of hard work, it's time to relax and enjoy the best that summer has to offer. In the cave of wonders of the giant Eliquid France, you will find a rare pearl. This 50 ml vial, hidden in the Fruizee treasure chest, contains an intensely fresh beverage that will perfect your sunbathing at the beach....

  • Red Pearl 50ML - Fruizee

    Eliquid France is shaking up the vaping community with this fruity concoction worthy of the best bartenders! From the prestigious Fruizee range, Red Pearl is an e-liquid with a sweet and slightly acid taste that will excite your taste buds. In its composition, you will find some juicy orange segments and a strawberry with a smooth and tender flesh. This...

  • Red Pearl 10ML - Fruizee

    The Red Pearl ship sails between wild strawberries and island orange. This exotic blend is in Xtra Fresh to keep you refreshed even in the middle of the Caribbean.Be careful, the pirates are arriving in your clearomizers !!!

  • Bloody Lime 50ML - Fruizee

    Did you know that? Red fruits are symbols of summer and gustatory pleasures. Originating from Asia, Scandinavia and North America, they also represent greed at Eliquid France. That's why the French manufacturer has made these berries the main ingredient of Bloody Lime e-liquid, a new addition to the Fruizee range. Obviously, nothing has been left to...

  • Bloody Lime 10ML - Fruizee

    Bloody Lime is a blend of juicy red fruit and tangy lime combined with Xtra Fesh which Fruizee has the secret.This e liquid will ice your palate with the sweetness of red fruits. Are you ready to taste it?

  • Ice Mint 50ML - Fruizee

    In the mood for freshness? There's nothing like a vape session with Fruizee's Ice Mint e-liquid to ward off the oppressive summer heat. With its exotic and pleasant taste, this elixir specially concocted by Eliquid France will bring to your vaping breaks a touch of delight and incomparable sweetness. The spicy and fragrant side of mint will awaken your...

  • Tropikania 10ML de Fruizee

    What flavor! Fruizee offers us a combination of Strawberry Gariguette, Orange, Jaffa, Banana and Mandarin.

  • Summer Beach 10ML 0MG - Fruizee

    A refreshing blend where you will find a dominant flavor of Dragon Fruit accompanied perfectly with guava and lemon.

  • Springbreak 10ML - Fruizee

    Le Springbreak est un fabuleux mélange de Fruits rouges, de raisin et de Yuzu. Une recette rafraîchissante signée Fruizee.

  • Spring fresh 50ML 0MG - Fruizee

    A central ingredient in Japanese cuisine, yuzu is a citrus fruit that is very popular in the vapourosphere. That's why the giant Eliquid France has decided to incorporate it into one of its Fruizee recipes. Among the nuggets of this famous range, you will find the Spring Fresh e-liquid which, as its name suggests, carries the flavours of spring in its...

  • Summer Beach 50ML 0MG - Fruizee

    Dive into the heart of the tropics with this succulent recipe from Eliquid France. Very fresh and thirst-quenching, Summer Beach e-liquid is one of the nuggets in the Fruizee range. Packaged in a large 50 ml bottle, this fruity pleasure can accompany you over several vaping sessions and become your next all day. Thanks to the intensely sweet juice of the...

  • Tropikania 50ML 0MG - Fruizee

    Ready for a mini world tour, without leaving your armchair? Discover the most popular flavours of China, Palestine, France and America through Tropikania e-liquid from the Fruizee range. For this first class trip, Eliquid France serves you an ultra-fresh cocktail of strawberry gariguette, Jaffa orange, banana and mandarin. This all-in-one product is...

  • Sunset Lover 50ML - Fruizee

    Love at first sight for this e-liquid with summery notes signed Eliquid France! Sunset Lover features the most delicious fruits of the garden and sublimates them with a zest of yellow lemon. To hell with the heat wave! With this frosted cocktail of 50 ml, each of your vape sessions will plunge you directly into a world of indescribable freshness. The...

  • Purple Beach 50ML - Fruizee

    How can you resist the e-liquids of the Fruizee range, when you know that they are little bubbles of sweetness to be vaped? Like its sisters, Purple Beach from Eliquid France offers fruity vapes enthusiasts a concoction that is both refreshing and rich in flavour. The menu features a light cocktail with the sweet melting taste of peach and grape for a...

  • Fire Moon 50ML - Fruizee

    The Fire Moon will transport you in summer all year long with the tangy flavor of a ripe raspberry mixed with the sweetness of a strawberry. Accompanied by our Xtra Fresh effect, the Fire Moon is all-day.

  • Sunset Lover 10ML - Fruizee

    A tasty blend of sweet berry fruit and lemon flavor, combined with Fruizee's Xtra Fresh effect.

  • Purple Beach 10ML - Fruizee

    An original, juicy and sweet combination of peach and grape. Always combined with the Fruizee's Xtra Fresh effect, Purple Beach will amaze you!

The Fruizee range from E-liquid France is rich in fruity aroma and freshness. When the heat is too much, what could be better than fruit mixed with ice mint? This is the basis on which Fruizee's recipes are based. Small or seasoned vaper, here is a selection of choices that will not disappoint you.

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