Liquid Arom - Les essentiels (FR)

Liquid Arom - Les essentiels (FR)

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  • Le Citron de provence 100ML - Les Essentiels/Liquid Arom

    Dive into the enchanting world of vaping with Liquidarom's Provence Lemon from the Essentials collection. This exquisite 100ml e-liquid captivates your senses with the zesty freshness of lemon, transporting your taste buds to the sun-drenched fields of Provence. Let yourself be carried away by the perfect balance between sweet smoothness and the tangy...

  • La Peche de Mediterranee 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Embark on a sensory journey with La Pêche de Méditerranée by Liquidarom, a gem from the Les Essentiels collection. This enchanting creation captures the freshness and sweetness of Mediterranean peach. Each puff transports you to the sunny shores of this iconic region. Explore an exceptional vaping experience with La Pêche de Méditerranée.

  • Le Pitaya d'Amazonie 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Dive into a sensory exploration with Le Pitaya d'Amazonie by Liquidarom, a gem from the Les Essentiels collection. This exceptional creation captures the exotic flavor of Amazonian dragon fruit. Each puff takes you deep into the jungle, unveiling a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Explore the very essence of escape with Le Pitaya d'Amazonie.

  • Le Blend du Colorado 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Immerse yourself in the unique experience of Le Blend du Colorado by Liquidarom, an essential choice from the Les Essentiels collection. This remarkable creation delivers an intense vaping experience, with powerful notes of classic tobacco. Envision yourself in the heart of Colorado's majestic landscapes with every puff. Le Blend du Colorado takes you on...

  • La Mure d'Antan 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Discover the timeless elegance of La Mure d'Antan by Liquidarom, a gem from the Les Essentiels collection. This captivating creation celebrates the pure and delicious flavor of blackberry. Each inhale transports you to bygone days with a modern twist that enchants. Immerse yourself in an authentic vaping experience with La Mure d'Antan.

  • L'Incontournable Silver 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Especially dedicated to lovers of discreet and floral all-day, the classic blond always seduces the community of vapoteurs. That's why Liquidarom has incorporated it in its e-liquid L'Incontournable Silver. Combining sweetness and power, this jewel of the Les Essentiels range carries the perfectly transcribed scents and flavours of a light tobacco. This...

  • Le Rubis des Bois 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Liquidarom has found, deep in the forest of vape, a mysterious recipe hidden under the foliage. Unlocking the secrets of this unique formula, the brand has created its new rare pearl: the e-liquid Le Rubis des Bois. To do this, it has left a succulent nectar of wild berries in a large 50 ml vial in the colours of summer. Sweet and tangy as we like them,...

  • Le Mojito des îles 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Surprise! Liquidarom takes vapers to the Caribbean. The brand has created for the Les Essentiels range, Le Mojito des îles, an e-liquid version of the famous cocktail with Cuban colours. Available in a 50 ml format, this nectar with a balanced composition will bring sunshine to your vape sessions. This blend of lime juice, rum and mint leaves will...

  • La Pomme du Verger 50ML - Les Essentiels

    With Liquidarom, the harvest season lasts all year long in the vaposphere. This time, it's the turn of apples to come to the table. Both beautiful and crunchy, they give a sweet and bewitching scent for a colourful vape session. What's more, La Pomme du Verger e-liquid releases a delicious touch of acidity and a pleasant breeze of freshness with each...

  • La Menthe de Saison 50ML - Les Essentiels

    A pretty bouquet of mint in hand, the French manufacturer Liquidarom sets out to conquer the vaposphere. Beware, behind its nonchalant air, La Menthe de Saison will surprise your taste buds. Not very fresh, this 50 ml potion is above all a promise of scents and flavours. The first few puffs will give you a taste of what it has to offer: a sweet taste...

  • La Fraise du Jardin 50ML - Les Essentiels

    How can you stay calm when a pleasant fruity scent comes out of the Liquidarom laboratories? It's impossible to ignore the stunning charm of La Fraise du Jardin, a vape elixir that transcribes the velvety texture of a beautiful strawberry with its tender and juicy flesh. With this e-liquid, you will be confronted with soft and sweet puffs that give off a...

  • Le Blend Corsé 50ML - Les Essentiels

    You dream of blond and brown combined in a single e-liquid? It's possible with LiquidArom. With Le Blend Corsé, the new recipe of the Les Essentiels series, you will find the perfect harmony between these two icons of classic. From the very first puff, a clever balance of sweetness and power will amaze your taste buds. Under the hot Texas sun, you will be...

  • Le Ptit Blond 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Liquidarom's Les Essentiels range has never been so well named. Through the e-liquid Le Ptit Blond, this superb series offers you to go back to the basics of vape by offering you a recipe for classic blond with warm and generous notes. Remember your moments of relaxation with friends, on the terrace, at the office, or in the living room ... Each puff of...

  • Le Citron de Provence 50ML - Les Essentiels

    Enjoy a well-deserved vaping break with LiquidArom. With Le Citron de Provence, you have 50 ml of ready to vapour juice to accompany you everywhere. From the Les Essentiels collection, this succulent lemon juice will delight your taste buds with its pleasantly acidic flavour. With each puff, an irresistible citrus scent will be added to a deliciously...

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