Le French Liquide - Wonderful Tart (FR)

Le French Liquide - Wonderful Tart (FR)

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  • Pêche 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le french Liquide

    Immerse yourself in the gourmet world of Pêche e-liquid by Le French Liquide, part of the Wonderful Tart range. Picture yourself savoring a delightful peach pie, where every puff transports you to a sun-kissed orchard. With a 50ml capacity, this e-liquid offers an abundance of fruity flavor for hours of vaping pleasure. Indulge in the perfect fusion of...

  • Myrtille 60ML - Wonderful Tart/ Le French Liquide

    Dive into the enchanting world of e-liquids with Wonderful Tart by Le French liquide. This delightful creation is part of the eponymous Wonderful Tart range, taking you on a journey of exceptional flavor. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aromas of Blueberry Pie. With a generous 50ML capacity, this e-liquid offers you a gourmet and fruity...

  • Fraise 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le French Liquide

    Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of e-liquids with the Strawberry from the renowned brand Le French Liquide. The Wonderful Tart range offers a unique tasting experience, highlighting the authentic flavor of strawberry tart. Each inhalation reveals a symphony of delicate notes, creating a captivating sensory experience. With a generous capacity...

  • 2 Citrons 50/50 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le French Liquide

    Le French Liquide is always up for a little treat. This time, the pastry chef of the brand wants to share with vapers his rare pearl, the e-liquid 2 Citrons.In the spotlight, a delicious, pleasantly tangy lemon cream topped with a soft and melting meringue, all spread on a shortbread pie base as sweet as it is crispy.This delicious blend will surprise you...

  • Abricot 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le French Liquide

    A great day is coming up with Le French Liquide. The vaposphere is awakened by a sweet scent of candy that escapes from the kitchen of this renowned brand. On the table, the Apricot e-liquid, straight out of the stoves of fine French flavourists.This potion, with its delicious puffs, perfectly transcribes the succulence of a fruity tart that is still...

  • Framboise 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le French Liquide

    Straight from the stove of the manufacturer Le French Liquide, Framboise Wondeful Tart already perfumes the vaposphere.Inspired by delicious wild raspberry tarts, this e-liquid from the Wonderful Tart range will make you rediscover, from the first inhalations, the incomparable flavors of a flagship pastry of French gastronomy.Each puff will remind you of...

  • Poire Amandine 60ML - Wonderful Tart/Le French liquide

    Le French Liquide adds yet another nugget to its Wonderful Tart collection with the Poire Amandine e-liquid.Comfortably installed in your living room, a cup of tea in hand, you will delight in every puff of this exquisite tart garnished with poached pears and crushed almonds.You will have the impression, while vaping this mixture, of biting into a...

Le French Liquide - Wonderful Tart

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